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My first movie in 98′: Two For Texas

This is the first film I acted in as the drummer boy back in 98′. You can see me near the end right before the battle, starting at 1:19:33 and a few more shots till right after the battle. It was a fun experience.  I got to meet Kris Kristofferson, Tom Skerritt, and Scott Bairstow too. Cool dudes! Here’s the link if you can’t see it above, It may have been deleted or removed by youtube or by the person who posted it.

TwoForTexasThis is a shot from the scene when the battle of San Jacinto is about to begin, where the Texan Army is sneaking up on the Mexican Army.

Interestingly, I started playing drums in the band in middle school and stopped in high school to focus on art. I still had a love for music so in the back of my mind I thought playing the drums in high school would have been good to do. Band took all of my extra time in middle school and I missed out on drawing and decided to not miss out on it anymore. The band instructor called me three times during the summer to join the high school band. I said no each time. And guess what… on my first day as a freshman, band was a subject on my schedule and it took about a few days to finally get out of it. I got in the art class which I don’t regret.  I had an amazing art teacher (love ya Mrs. Welch!) and won Gold and Silver keys in the Scholastic Art Awards and gained national recognition for my artwork. So this movie was my only experience playing drums during high school for that sacrifice I made and I must say, it was pretty awesome! Plus I got paid to be out of school for a few days. I guess that was my reward for never skipping class. Being a schoolboy has it’s perks lol.

Here’s something that I’ll never forget that happened on one morning on the way to set. As my mom and I were crossing the highway, a car that was speeding T-boned our car on my side. I was a little shaken up, okay, a I was shaken up a lot, but I insisted that I stay on set. However, the director told me to go home and rest and I came back on the next shoot. The devil tried to take me out. But I’m still here and back on the scene again. Thank God!

TDG on a new tv show! (#2)

TDG museum setI’ve got good news. I just saved a ton of money by switching my car insurance to Gieco! Just kidding lol (that was on a commercial in the US). This is it for real…. I just heard that ABC liked Killer Women and will be airing it this fall. WoooHooooo! I’ll let you know when it will air so you can look for me. I played a cop in one part and in this picture I’m on set at a gala that takes place sometime in the show. This was on one of the longest days we had to shoot and it was freezing cold and rainy that night too. I met some cool people on set though and had a good time with my fellow actors so I can’t complain. Since ABC picked up the show they decided to keep filming it in Austin. Can’t wait to see the show! Keep checking back here at WHOL-E.COM for more updates. God bless ya! – TDG

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
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TDG on a new tv show! (#1)

License and registration please…

You can now add me to the list of rappers who play a cop on television lol.

This is from when I was on set for a new show called Killer Women. In the world of television, productions call new shows that have never been aired yet a “pilot”. So what happens is when the filming and editing is done, the producers of the show then give the pilot to the ABC network. If ABC likes it, they will air it on television and then you can see me on it. Hopefully they do! This is one of the most recent ones. I’ve been on shows like The Lying Game on ABC Family where I played a waiter and a valet guy and Friday Night Lights on NBC as a football player and a student, mostly noticed in the season finales. I’ve been in movies such as Two For Texas, Man Of The House, and most recently on Parkland produced by Tom Hanks. I’ll keep you updated on what happens next. God bless! – TDG

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