12-12-12 Sound Check (3 songs for $1)

Yo, yo, yo, what up?! Lol. I ran across a cool new platform called official.fm where I can share my music and sell it for whatever price I choose. So you that means I got to hook y’all up with somethin’. But what? How about two, nah, THREE of my songs for the price of ONE. I call it the “12-12-12 Soundcheck release”. Since today is 12-12-12 ya know. I like it! If you do too, share it with your peeps. Hmmm… Does anybody say “peeps” anymore? Don’t take any cool points from me. Subscribe to my blog if this is your first time seeing it. I’ll be adding some more new music you won’t want to miss out on. Holla at cha’ later!

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