Are you serious about taking your music
    career to the next level? With the way the
    music industry is ever-changing, it is vital to
    know people who can help you. It is also not a
    bad idea to know how to do more on your
    own. The more resources you know how to
    use means more success. Having the
    following great resources in place will help
    you, if you use them consistently.

    Email list / Auto responder
    First thing's first, having an auto-responder like aweber to build a relationship with your fans is a must. Read
    this if you don't know know why you should have an e-mail list.

    Get paid through PayPal. Whatever you sell, music, books, merch,  whatever - even if it's through another online
    retail source, you will mostly likely need this. Set up your PayPal account now if you don't have one, it's free!

    Press Kit
    People who have never heard of you need to be introduced to your music in a professionally impressive way.
    ReverbNation has a slew of resources to help you track your progress as your fan base grows. If you don't have
    a website, make this your website and always refer new fans here. Why? It's free! Once you go through the
    steps to complete your profile you will have an electronic press kit ready to go. See how this artist set up his
    ReverbNation profile to get an idea of how to set up yours.

    With ReverbNation you can sync your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to see a  total count of
    all your fans. You can get your own e-mail sign up list, upload mp3 tracks for streaming only or to download.
    Exclusive downloads are good because you can make it available only if a person signs up to your mailing list.
    Widgets that play your music and videos can be posted on your social networks and others can share it too.
    See who is listening the most, who your most active fans are that help promote you, and more. I almost forgot to
    mention you can get paid a 50 percent share of the advertisements on your profile! It literally pays to send your
    fans there. ReverbNation has upgrades for live opportunities, but the free site works so well it should definitely
    be in your favorites tab.

    YouTube Subscribers = World Wide Fanbase
    Who's going purchase your music? Fans! Reach new fans around the world by gaining a strong following on
    YouTube. The best and easiest resource for getting new fans to view your videos and keep coming back to your
    channel is TubeToolbox, hands down!

    This artist gained over 100,000 contacts and 8,000 subscribers within one year of using this. It's highly
    recommended that you get the Lifetime subscription because you'll just keep using it month after month after
    you see great results. You can use this discount code “LifetimeDiscountA1424” which gives $15 off a lifetime

    In your YouTube account, be sure to sign up to monetization to get paid a share of advertising revenue by
    Google Adsense. Create original videos that you have full permission to use and everyday you can get paid
    when people view your content. This is free to sign up for, just look for "Monetization" in your Youtube account.
    Keep TubeToolbox running by continually adding new contacts and you will be sure to make something.

    CD and download sales alone don't keep food on the table for most artists these days. Merchandise sold at live
    concerts are the bread winner for most hard working artists. T-shirts, posters, stickers, hats, mugs, even merch
    for your number one fan's pet dog. Put your band name or logo on some stuff, sell it or give some away as
    freebies. Consider it as advertisement for your brand, that's basically what it is. The next step is to have your
    merch available online for your fans when items sell out at live events. Add Spreadshirt Designer and Zazzle to
    your belt. Well what'd ya know. These are free too. Plus you can set the commission you want to get for when
    your items sell online.

    Sell Your Music Online
    TuneCore is a great way to get your music distributed on iTunes and other online music stores if you're
    unsigned. However, it requires a small investment per album or single. CreateSpace is a free alternative that
    gets your music on Amazon. CreateSpace started off promoting only books but have now launched a program
    that allows musicians to sell mp3 downloads for 30% of each 99 cent download you sell, similar to iTunes.
    However, most artists have a hard time keeping track of their sales on iTunes, but with Amazon's CreateSpace
    you will get a report of your sales every month.

    Tour, Tour, and Tour Some More
    Play as many gigs as you possibly can. A great manager can help out with this part to get into the places you
    want to perform and get your name out there. Begin your tour locally and begin to branch out to surrounding
    areas within a 50 mile radius. When you go to another city. Do the same in that city. If people really dig your
    performance, someone may approach you with new opportunities for more gigs. So be nice to everyone you
    come in contact with at your performances. Make yourself approachable and meet the people who are there.
    Ask people to sign up on your e-mail list. As you build your e-mail list with people in different cities, you can
    continue to keep them up to date with your music and invite them to come to your shows when you're playing
    near. Touring can can be expensive if you don't pay close attention to what you're spending. Always take the time
    to count the cost during accepting new gigs and include what you need paid for in your rider. Here are some tips
    to keep your tour in order. and how to save your voice from vocal damage while on the road.

    Submit Music To Radio
    Though the music industry has changed drastically, most people still become aware of new artists through
    radio and television. Live365 can get your music to radio stations all over the globe. While you're on tour, call the
    local radio stations to set up some interviews. The Program Director is the person who gets music played in
    rotation. Have an mp3 and press kit ready to email them if they are not available or you to visit and follow up with
    them in about a week. Ask if they have had a chance to listen and when they could play it so you can tell your
    fans to tune in. When you release a new song, send it to the stations you have built relationships with to keep a
    lsting presence in that area. You don't want your fans to think to you fell off the map. RadioDirectX already has
    relationships established with thousands of PD's you may not travel far enough to meet. If you don't get out and
    tour much, RadioDirectX is the way to go. Join a royalty organization like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC to get royalties
    paid to you when licensed stations play your music.

    Find A Manager
    Does all this seem like a little too much? Being an independent musician doesn't mean you have to do
    everything on your own. Sure, you can do it, it will just take more time alone but imagine how much faster you
    can reach your goals with a team. A manager who can help you move forward is a great person to start with.
    Read this on how to find a good manager that is right for you.

    If this has helped you and you would like to get updates on any new resources that come along in the future,
    sign up to the mailing list above. All the best to you and your music career!
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