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“FOCUS” Album Re-released

Click here if you do not see the player above http://official.fm/playlists/ujT0

Happy new year!!! This is the official 2013 online re-release of my sophomore album FOCUS. For those who have seen me perform songs such as “The BIBLE Song”, “Are You Ready”, “Leaning”, and wondered where to get them, here it is! The FOCUS album covers feature artwork by  yours truly, TDG, a self portrait and a portrait of Jesus with a reflection of the cross made from scratch with only a computer and mouse (see both images here http://official.fm/playlists/ujT0). The album artwork displays how the more we focus on Christ, the more we look like Christ. Why Christ? Because God is love, and love is all everyone needs and searches for in life. Christ described Himself as “one with the Father” (John 10:30) and as “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). If we choose to abide in Christ, we abide in God. Ok I’m preachin’ now lol, here’s more about the music. Orignally released on Amazon in 2008, this album has a fun and lively kind of vibe. It’s music you can dance to. Also it’s music that helps you learn about what God deems as important, what we should focus on in life. “The Best Book” aka BIBLE Song lyric video went viral on YouTube and people around the world are still learning how to recite the books of the Bible through the song. “Wake Up” and “The Power of Music” are featured on the controversial 8-part viral video series “Hip Hop Is A Religion” on YouTube which expresses the purpose and truth about music with a focus on the 5th element of HipHop culture and it’s deterimental status. In the series popular artists explain how rappers are preachers and how the concerts and clubs are just like church. It’s really interesting, youtube it. “Leaning” a crowd favorite has youth ready to get up, dance and snap-wit-it. Check out the video http://youtu.be/zzCp_ZdJhIo . The album concludes with the mild, mid tempo r&b/pop style track “Waiting For You.” All songs on FOCUS were produced by me and provide an incredible value that is priceless. But you can get it for just 5 bucks. If you enjoy FOCUS, please share it with your friends and family. God bless ya!

The Best Book (BIBLE Song)

I re-posted this video in place of the original post which had went viral on YouTube a couple of years ago with nearly 200,000 views. Unfortunately for some wierd reason YouTube decided to suspend it along with the channel it was on but later gave it back. People all over the world are learning how the recite the books of the Bible through this song, now with both videos. There’s an acoustic version I did with SaulPaul playing the guitar so check that one out too. Share it if you find it helpful. Later!