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My “Out Of Body” Experience – Part 2

Okay, I think the same “presence” visited me again from my out of body experience that happened to me before (read about that here). This isn’t exactly like that but something crazy happened after I went to bed. This presence may have been the cause of my previous occurence.
Last night as I laid asleep on my back, I woke up at about 2:30 AM to someone’s finger tips touching my forearm right over my elbow. I opened my eyes to see a dark figure in a black robe or hoodie. I couldn’t see a face, it was just pitch black. I thought since I had just awaken I couldn’t see well and hoped it was just my wife playing a trick on me. So I closed my eyes and kept laying as if I was still sleep with my face turned toward them and I slowly reached to where my wife would have been laying on the bed. I felt her and realized what was touching my arm was not her. So right then I decided if I was going to remain laying still or start fighting. Simultaneously touching my forearm, I felt more fingers run down my arm to near the palm of my hand. I began to try swinging and punching with my opposite arm and couldn’t move it. My arm only moved enough to shake my wife so I yelled out, “who are you, who are you!?” But I could only mumble the words. Whatever was touching me vanished and my wife woke up. Thinking back, what’s crazy is I could feel those cold fingers touching my arms and my body was completely covered by sheets and comforter on my bed. Whatever it was had the ability to touch through object matter.
It felt like the same presence that was there when I had the out of body experience a few months ago. My wife and I stayed awake and searched for explanations. While researching on our phones in bed, a radio in the house mysteriously turned on. At 4:15 AM I Believe I Can Fly began to play. This was one of my father’s favorite songs. He passed in 1998. His birthday was last week. He would have been 71 years old. I decided to not go investigate and I stayed in my room and let the radio play. A couple more songs air and “I Think You’re Crazy” starts to play. I wondered if this was coincidence. I pray all the time and I was definitely praying out loud and rebuking spirits then. Right after that Living On A Prayer started playing around 4:31 AM.  The radio played for about an hour and turned off. I heard footsteps as if someone had just left from the room the radio was in, so I got up to see but no one was there. Weird huh?
I’ve heard and read about familiar spirits, which are demonic spirits that pose as people who you may have known that have died. They try to look and act “familiar” so you welcome them. They act nice at first but later become hostile and either try to attack or possess you if you’re still living. The one that visited me may know that I know about familiar spirits so it never shows a face. While researching I read that doorways could be portals for spirits to enter places. I got some olive oil and annointed the room including every doorway and window in the name of Jesus and went back to bed. I felt exhausted when I woke up.