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I went to Nashville, Tenessee and met an army of musicianaries (musician missionaries) from around the world at a workshop. At night we went out to Broadway to pray for people. Broadway reminded me of 6th Street in Austin so it was almost like home. People walking the streets looking for the next club to go to, bypassing the musicians on the sidewalk just looking for someone to drop a buck or two in their guitar cases on the ground. I met a few of em. Talked with some, prayed with some, and listened to some. I observed how an experience like this was a first time for several of the artists that I was with. It made me think about when I first started street ministry in college. I was with a group of believers called the Rescue Squad and we would pray for people on campus and around the community streets, hospitals, where ever God told us to go. We saw some pretty wild things happen spiritually. Some people don’t believe in demons and demon possession, but if you experienced what I did, you would believe too, if you don’t already. But that’s another topic for another time. Back to Nashville. PrayingonBrodwayThere was one night that groups of us went out to minister on Broadway again and the group I was with chose a corner under a building with a fish sign, like the one that some Christians have as emblems on the back of cars, like that. A couple of the guys with us brought a guitar and a djembe drum and we started sing worship songs. A few of the emcees in the group began to freestyle as I started beat-boxing and others began sharing their testimonies. A crowd began to grow and from across the street a dude with a bucket walks into the middle of the circle and busts out freestyling about his beliefs and concludes his rhymes by asking about to about salvation. About three emcees took turns at responding to him going back at and forth with him with their flows. The dude got his question answered and wanted to accept Christ so we prayed for him. Soon after he left another man came seeking help with a few dollars to get home and someone gave more than he asked for before he could finish asking. He asked for prayer and we prayed for him as well.

There was another day when we went to University Court, basically the projects. I was told that the people there didn’t think they deserved something like this when people handed out fliers to the community to let them know about the concert we would do. Once we got out there and set up the stage and sound it started to rain but that didn’t stop us. Kids coming home from school on the school bus driving by were so excited. Once the rain cleared up they came out with the rest of the residents and witnessed God taking His love to the streets. The Swordsman who’s been in the Guinness Book of World Records came out and swallowed real swords and daggers while sharing his testimony, proving that God can made us amazing and we just need to believe it. NashvilleKurtisBlowThe band that rocked the stage afterward, called A Bride Dressed In Black, brought a Hip-Hop veteran to the scene with them, Kurtis Blow. He’s one down to earth brotha. He talked and took pictures with the people who kept walking up to him looking for his attention. We even shared the stage together when a group of emcees all got in for a freestyle during a song. One of the residents was allowed on stage and challenged Kurtis Blow to a rap battle, and he accepted it and quickly made terms that they would not be talking bad about each other but rapping about God. Both of em’ went in and God got the glory. The people were fed physically and spiritually. Lives were changed for the better. The people were grateful and had a joy that they didn’t have before God showed up through us. This is what ministry is about. Ministry means to serve. This is why I do what I do with music for over 10 years now as a musicianary. It’s not about money, Lord knows for real lol because I know I can get paid very well for the talent and skills I have, and I have before and left it for the sake of spreading the Gospel. It’s not about the fame either. Personally, I’d rather lay low and keep to myself, but what good is that if my purpose is to minister to people around the world? So I look at it like this. Though Jesus was famous and still is, because of His fame, many lives have been changed. The goal is for people to see Jesus through me. So if I do gain fame, I’ll use it to bring glory to His name. What are your gifts and what will you use them for?