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Amazing Grace Beatbox Voice Guitar, my a capella version

Yo! This is an a capella beatbox voice guitar cover of Amazing Grace. I’m a choir director so this like an old-school bluesy gospel style that I used to hear as a kid coming up that’s embedded in my mind and I decided to let it out through this video. Let me know what you think in the comments. Please share this on your facebook wall if you like it, you can use this link http://youtu.be/hadQ-_U31bE. Even though I do each part in one take, it still takes a while to edit videos like these. I may need to upgrade my computer, it’s served me well over the years but I think it’s getting tired of all of my multitasking lol. Hope you enjoy it. God bless! -TDG

Download here – http://bit.ly/Zd3dMQ

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