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Thank you! My 10 Year Anniversary As A Recording Artist

I’m thankful for all of you who believe in me. Whether you came to see me perform, got a CD, download, voted for me, gave me an encouraging word, shared my music, told someone about me, or even just liked my page on facebook or followed me on twitter. What God thinks about us matters most, but experiencing love from people allows God to show it through you, and that means a lot to me. I appreciate you for allowing God to use you in this great way, whether you knew it or not, now you do HAHA! But for real though, TDGI recorded my first solo album 10 years ago. On this journey I’ve created three albums with multiple singles and international collaborative projects, been an independent artist, been signed, been independent again, struggled and thrived. Along the way I’ve wondered at times if this is what I should really be doing. I’ve had a couple people tell me I shouldn’t, but thousands have told me to never stop. Writing lyrics, producing instrumentals, audio engineering, recording vocals, mixing, mastering, arranging, getting CDs printed, copyrighting songs, creating graphics, promoting, touring, and driving many hours from venue to venue with little rest can quickly get overwhelming, especially if you do most of it by yourself. But, when those of you who have expressed how the music I made helped you in some way, it helps me keep going. And I truly love y’all for that. Have a blessed day everyone! – TDG

International Communication

InterComSmiley-D and I teamed up again, this time with SnegMan of  Troyanski Virus all the way from Russia! SnegMan raps his verse in Russian and he produced the beat. Once I heard it the words came to me. It’s basically about how we met online and made the collaboration happen. Here’s my verse. “From Russia to USA, from USA to Russia / got a track, wrote a rap, sent it back, to anotha / brotha from anotha motha / who made a suggestion we should collab and make a song togetha / I’m like cool! So here it is / you’re listening to some American dudes with some Russian dudes / It’s crazy! Who would’a knew? God knew / they’d watch my video on youtube  / with Smiley-D rapping bout how The Choice Is Yours dude / divine appointment over twitter / International Communication now here’s a winner / a gold medal, nah, make it bigger, a gold record / when you cooperate with God It Will Be Better / No Matter how much chedda,  or things you possess / add it all up it will still be less / than what you take with you when you leave this earth / that’s why you gotta put God first / International Communication…”

Did you notice how many of my song titles I mentioned in the lyrics?

If you live in Russia you can download it here