The Choice Is Yours – official video

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Hey, this is TDG, the one wearing the white cap on the video above. Wanna know how “The Choice Is Yours” by TDG & Smiley-D was created? I’ll tell ya, keep reading. Smiley-D and I met on the internet and after recognizing the common goals we have it was quickly agreed that we should collab. With Smiley-D in Oklahoma, and me in Texas, I knew we had to make the most of today’s technology. So I grabbed my acoustic guitar, dropped a beat, produced this track and we wrote some lyrics to it. Not lyrics just sayin’ anything, but something that would help someone change their ways for the better. Why did “Man In The Mirror” just pop in my head? Eeeeeee Heeeee, lol! But on the real, we sent files back and forward and once we had a complete song we knew people needed to hear this. So we planned the video shoot. I made my way up to OKC and shot the first half of the video shoot with Smiley-D. We had a few adventures too. Day one, there was an earthquake! While eating dinner at the table all of a sudden everything started rumbling and shaking. I busted out praying right there! Some of the people in the room thought for a second about hiding under the table, but it was made of glass. Forget that idea! So we all sat there and waited it out, while I was still praying out loud. The earthquake stopped and we laughed about our funny reactions to it afterward. Nothing was damaged where we were. A part of a highway about an hour away was damaged though. Another adventure on day two of the shoot was we were standing near the edge of a building with no railings to get the Oklahoma City skyline in the background. One slip and that would have been it! See what we go through for you, lol? We made it though and got the shots done so I headed back to Austin to finish the second half of video shoot with The Mack Boyz (the dude that got jumped and the other dude that got stabbed in the video, they’re actually brothers that rap together). I edited the video, graphicson Amazon. As I continued to communicate with Smiley-D, we decided to give this track to the public for free because we know the message in the song is needed. There is also an acoustic version available on amazon. We’re cool with either choice you make, at the least please share the song or video on facebook, tweet it, or share anywhere so it will help someone. “The Choice Is Yours.”

A lot of people have been asking if we are a group but both of us are solo artists. If you would like to know a little more about us, here are our bio’s, TDG & Smiley-D. More of my music like my album Live It To The Fullest and the The Best Book (BIBLE Song) can be found below. God bless.




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4 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours – official video

  1. Andrea Marie Savoia

    Great song. And God Bless you for doing what you do… Using your God given talent to Glorify the Lord. I always get so excited hearing others testimonies because I also know how awesome and Loving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. I want all the world to know the same and to feel and know His Love and Peace. I f I were able to single handedly save the entire world.. God knows I would. Love the brief bio on how this all came to pass. Especially the praying out loud waiting for the STORM to pass.. :) I giggled a little reading that. I so know those array of looks and reactions. Lol. But Glory to God… I can bet that you pretty much saved all. Praise God. Thank you for this beautiful song and for being a Blessing sharing it. God BAmdtrless you and you put your hands to and on for His Glory. One Love <3

  2. Hannah Lawson

    Your music is really good. I like how you are a Christian rapper and your music makes me feel better I will listen to your music when I’m down and my story is I was 8 when I got saves but now I am really knowing thatJesus is my Christ and Savior. I’m getting to know him more than I did and I’mthankful to have him in my life and I will trust him mmore everyday he’s my everything :)

  3. cristine joy araneta

    Cool…glory to God. Nice music…indeed,the lyrics is the heart of the song. Let’s keep on praying that more music that speaks about the truth of Christ will be heard all over the world. Shalom!

  4. Joan Phegley

    Thanks for sharing your music. Such an important message for all people…a wonderful testimony that we are ALL valued by God, and HIS mercy & redemption is available to anyone (no matter there downfalls & walk in life).
    As a teacher of a high risk/poverty area…I see a need for a way to reach young people who feel disappointed,forgotten & hopeless.
    Young people especially searching for something bigger than themselves…you’ve brought them the message of hope & life! Keep on…Love in Christ, Mrs. Phegley

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